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Beginner’s Guide to Topsoil
1st September 2020

Beginner’s Guide to Topsoil

New homeowners and aspiring gardeners looking to make the best of their gardens will want to learn about the various products they can use to improve their growing areas and lawns. Here we will go through the basics of what topsoil is and why it is important for the health of a vibrant garden.


What is Topsoil?

Topsoil is the topmost layer of soil that has the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms as well as most of the essential micro and macro-nutrients that plants need to grow. The topsoil layer will vary in size in different places but will usually be somewhere within the 10 to 30cm range. 

Topsoil is composed of mineral particles, organic matter and water. Its quality for vegetation can vary massively depending on the area, which is why there is a strong market for the likes of topsoil bulk bags which can be added to an existing soil to improve its quality.

Fine Loam Topsoil

Fine loam topsoil is one of the highest quality natural topsoil products available and is popular with landscapers, gardeners, and groundsmen. This excellent topsoil has been screened to 6mm and is completely free of stones, making it ideal for top dressing lawns, seeding or planting. In fact, it is the best topsoil for any application where only the finest topsoil will suffice. The Fine Loam Topsoil, as well as other types of topsoil available through Springbridge, is certified to the BS3882:2007 standard. 

Multi Purpose Blended Topsoil

This multi-purpose topsoil has been blended with organic mushroom compost to enrich it with plenty of plant-feeding nutrients. It is excellent for general growing areas such as flower beds and vegetable plots.


Multi Purpose Topsoil

While not blended with mushroom compost, the standard multi-purpose topsoil available through Springbridge has been blended with an organic compost and sand. It is peat-free and classified as Rootzone ‘Grade A’ Loamy Sand Topsoil. Screened to 10mm, this blended topsoil is also great for topping up flower beds and large planters, as well as for any other general landscaping purposes. It is a good soil for growing grasses and plants and contains all the essential nutrients and trace elements required for healthy plant growth. It also has a wetting agent that helps it to retain moisture.


Screened Economy Topsoil

The most affordable topsoil option is a best selling product because of its versatility and value. It is frequently used by professional landscapers as it is great for establishing and developing turf as well as levelling and back-filling gardens. It features excellent drainage properties and has been screened to 10mm, containing some small stones no larger than that size. The Screened Economy Topsoil bulk bags are suitable for all general uses where a higher grade of soil like Fine Loam Topsoil is not necessary.


If you require any Fine Loam Topsoil or any of the Multi-Purpose or Screened Economy Topsoil products for a gardening or landscaping project, then contact Springbridge via our website or call today on 0845 370 1921 for more information.