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Grab Load Hire Benefits

Published Tuesday 16th October 2018
Grab Load Hire Benefits

There are many reasons why people may choose to use grab loaders. They can provide multiple benefits. Each lorry has a qualified driver responsible for loading your materials and removing waste. Check out the reasons why we recommend using them: 

1 They can save you a lot of time and are much less hassle. They’re also more cost-effective! A better alternative to Bulk Bags in many cases. 

2 They’re ideal for removing large amounts of material. Room allowing you can have your excess muck/soil/concrete removed from site at the same time as your new materials delivered. Also, there’s 

no lifting required which helps to prevent injuries from happening. 

3 With a grab lorry, waste can be removed from the roadside without the need for a skip. 

This helps to speed up the process as no permits are required to carry out this action. They’re also able to grab over walls and thresholds unlike a skip.

4 Grab Lorries are great for delivering materials into site. Material can be delivered straight into planters/driveways/lawn areas etc. reducing spreading time for the tradesman. 

5 You won’t have the inconvenience of your drive being blocked for a long period of time.