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Caring for Your Lawn During Winter

Published Thursday 31st January 2019

Winter can be a relatively quiet time for gardening. However, there are things you’re still able to do to ensure that your lawn is in excellent condition. Check out our tips below:

Remove debris

Ensure your lawn is kept free of leaves and debris. It’s important to remove leaves as they will trap moisture and therefore encourage disease and worm activity. To remove them, use a light rake or brush. 

Keep off the lawn

If you’re able to, keep off the lawn whilst it’s wet or frosty. The reason for doing this is that the grass plants will damage easily and won’t repair themselves until spring. 


Avoid mowing the lawn if it isn’t necessary. Always make sure the weather conditions are suitable first. For example, if the ground is wet or heavy frosts are likely, then it’s best to avoid mowing. Once the temperature is above 5 degrees, grass will grow and require mowing. If your lawn mower requires servicing, it’s a good time to get this done whilst it’s not in use. 


Aerate consolidated areas of the lawn. You can use a fork or spiking machine for this. The reason for doing this is that it will relieve compaction, help drainage and allow more air into the root system. This helps you to achieve a healthier lawn. 

Worms and moles

It’s worth remembering that worms improve the nutrient content of the soil and are beneficial to its structure. It’s best that worm casts are left to dry and swept away afterwards using a stiff brush. Mole activity may increase in January/February. It’s best to remove the mounds of earth. You can plan to overseed in spring.