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Easter Gardening

Published Thursday 04th April 2019

If you’d like to spend time in the garden this Easter, here are some tips that will keep you busy!
Give your lawn some TLC. If you haven’t yet done so, it’s now time to cut your lawn. Re-seed any bald patches in time for a healthy looking summer lawn. 
Paving and decking
Deep clean your decking and patios to maintain good condition. The longer dirt and grime is left on paving, the harder it will be to clean. Tackle this on a dry day so any cleaner or chemicals you decide to use won’t be affected.
Weeds grow rapidly in spring. Walk around your garden and get rid of any unwanted weeds by hand (remove all the roots if possible). Tackle larger areas with weed killer.
Prune branches to thin out overgrown shrubs. This will allow extra light into the centre of the plant which will help to encourage growth. Branches that have grown too large or are insect/disease ridden should be removed. 
Clean garden furniture
Wash plastic and metal furniture so it’s ready in time for summer. If wooden furniture has dirt or mould on it, remove it using sandpaper. Afterwards, apply a top coat of water-based stain.
Attract birds into your garden by putting out bird food and hanging a bird house on a fence/tree trunk. This will allow you to enjoy wild birds in your garden.