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13th May 2019

Sowing a Lawn

If you’re interested in sowing your lawn, check out our top tips!



The ideal time to sow a new lawn is late summer to mid-autumn as the soil will be warm and damp from the rain. This will cost you less than it would to turf it.


If your opportunity to sow in autumn passes, you can always try in mid-spring. However, you will need to provide the new grass with plenty of water. Avoid sowing in summer if possible as you may not be able to give the lawn enough water and it will likely die. 


There are many advantages to choosing seed over turf including the cost, variety of mixes available and the ease of using it in difficult areas. 


The right seed

Choosing the right seed for your garden is very important. Our Multi-Purpose Grass Seed suits a variety of different gardens, it’s strong and low maintenance. 


Preparing your soil

To prepare your soil, start by skimming off old grass and remove any big stones and weeds. You can then roughly level it. Next, fork and rake over the area leaving a neat, level finish. To firm the soil, walk over it placing your weight on your heels and then you can rake it again. Lightly rake in a granular fertiliser two to three days before the seed will be sown. 



Mark out the area that’s going to be sown into square metres. Next, shake the seed up in a box. Spread the seed according to the packet (roughly 50g per square metre). Weigh it out so that each square metre will be covered and place it in a container. Divide the 50g into two and scatter the seed in opposite directions. Once you’ve finished, lightly rake over the area and then water it.



It’s important that nobody walks across the soil and it’s kept watered during dry periods. Weed the area by hand before the weeds get chance to flower.