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Select Product

This simple step-by-step guide has been designed to help calculate the volume products required for your project. Please note that this is an estimating tool and is based on the information you provide.

Please select the products required:

Select Shape

Please select the shape of your area by clicking on one of the shapes below:

Enter Dimensions

Please enter the dimensions of your area in the boxes below:

Please enter ALL sizes for your chosen shape

Square large
  • x

Calculate circle area

Circle large

Calculate triangle area

Triangle large
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Calculate angle area

Angle large
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Recommended Depths

Using these recommended depths, please enter the depth of your area in the box below:

Product Usage Depth
Topsoil Laying turf or seeding 150mm (6")
Compost Creating beds and borders 400mm (16")
Landscape Bark Mulching 50mm (2")
Play Area Bark Play areas 75mm (3")

Based on the information provided you require:

Top Soil

  • Area - m2
  • Depth - mm

Total - 1


  • Area - m2
  • Depth - mm

Total - 1

Landscape Bark

  • Area - m2
  • Depth - mm

Total - 1

Play Area Bark

  • Area - m2
  • Depth - mm

Total - 1

The volume calculation is rounded up to the nearest bag. We recommend ordering slightly more than required to accommodate any unexpected shortfall