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15th January 2021
Adding compost to your flowerbeds and topsoil areas during late winter is one of the best things you can do to prepare your soil for the new growing season in spring. Not only will you be replenishing all the nutrients that were consumed during th..
25th January 2021
The three main types of soil found in the UK are sand, silt and clay, with most soils consisting of..
25th January 2021
February is nearly upon us and heralds the last few weeks of the winter. This means it is the perfe..
18th January 2021
There are a few differences between ornamental bark, bark mulch and wood chippings which will infor..
15th January 2021
Adding compost to your flowerbeds and topsoil areas during late winter is one of the best things yo..
21st December 2020
Springbridge provides a variety of high-quality products for gardening and landscaping projects bot..
16th December 2020
A quality landscape fabric can make your gardening endeavours a lot easier by minimising weed growt..
11th December 2020
As winter approaches, gardener turn their attention to how best to prepare their plants and lawns f..
4th December 2020
Frost can be devestating to our gardens if we don’t take the correct measures to protect the plant ..
20th November 2020
Winter brings all sorts of trouble for our garden lawns, with the lack of sunlight only the beginni..
16th November 2020
A construction soil management plan is a vital part of maintaining a soil’s quality and sustainabil..
6th November 2020
Aggregate driveways are not only a durable and long-lasting option, they also provide a pleasing ae..
2nd November 2020
With autumn in full swing and trees shedding their leaves as they prepare to hibernate over winter,..
19th October 2020
Decorative aggregates like shingle, pebbles and slate are one of the easiest ways to transform your ..
19th October 2020
Creating a beautiful lawn is possible wherever you are if you do it correctly, and one of the most ..
19th October 2020
While the summer might be the best time to enjoy the fruits of your gardening labour during the spr..
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