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Latest Updates

15th January 2021
Adding compost to your flowerbeds and topsoil areas during late winter is one of the best things you can do to prepare your soil for the new growing season in spring. Not only will you be replenishing all the nutrients that were consumed during th..
19th October 2020
Construction projects have the potential to cause significant damage to the soil quality in the sur..
13th October 2020
Some jobs using shingle or sand can leave you with a generous pile of leftovers, so we have some id..
13th October 2020
Garden paths can look amazing as well as serve the function of letting you get about the garden wit..
6th October 2020
Aggregates like shingle, pebbles and slate provide plenty of opportunity to get creative in your ga..
3rd September 2020
The secret to laying cultivated turf perfectly is all in the preparation. The project of laying new..
3rd September 2020
While the summer might be the best time to enjoy the fruits of your gardening labour during the spr..
3rd September 2020
A growing trend among garden lovers is to establish a wildflower meadow featuring beautiful flowers..
1st September 2020
New homeowners and aspiring gardeners looking to make the best of their gardens will want to learn ..
27th August 2020
Garden paths can look amazing as well as serve the function of letting you get about the garden wit..
28th July 2020
Springbridge only grow and supply TGA quality turf, using a premium seed mix containing carefully ..
27th July 2020
This time of year is perfect for getting your garden ready for a great summer and autumn by improvi..
22nd July 2020
Designated play areas are full of fun and adventure for children, though for parents there is the w..
21st July 2020
There are seventeen essential nutrients that a plant needs to grow, and most of them are extracted..
20th July 2020
Five reasons you can shop with confidence when using Springbridge Buying bulk products like t..
17th July 2020
How much topsoil do I need to use? Springbridge's topsoil calendar is here to help!Late spring and..
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