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Latest Updates

19th October 2020
Decorative aggregates like shingle, pebbles and slate are one of the easiest ways to transform your garden into a beautiful outdoor space. Large amounts of such aggregates can be bought in bulk to reduce costs, plus there are mini-bulk bag options fo..
21st July 2020
There are seventeen essential nutrients that a plant needs to grow, and most of them are extracted..
20th July 2020
Five reasons you can shop with confidence when using Springbridge Buying bulk products like t..
17th July 2020
How much topsoil do I need to use? Springbridge's topsoil calendar is here to help!Late spring and..
16th July 2020
Why cultivated turf is perfect for landscape gardenersHead gardeners, groundskeepers and homeowners..
15th July 2020
We will all be enjoying the height of summer come July, but that doesn’t mean all the gardening wo..
15th March 2020
Springbridge were honoured to help Alan Titchmarsh and the Love Your Garden team transform the garde..
28th January 2020
Too often we wait until the sun is shining and plants are blooming to think about how our gardens wo..
22nd January 2020
Good quality soil must retain its drainage characteristics and support vegetation which enables the ..
11th September 2019
It’s vital to use materials that have been approved for use in play areas whether it’s for commercia..
21st August 2019
Pathways and driveways require looking after. If you choose slabs or cobbles, you will still find th..
9th August 2019
Decorative aggregates are materials like beach pebbles, coloured slate and natural stones. They’re a..
1st July 2019
Here are our tips to keep your garden looking healthy this summer! 1.    &n..
13th May 2019
If you’re interested in sowing your lawn, check out our top tips! TimingThe ideal time to sow a..
4th April 2019
If you’d like to spend time in the garden this Easter, here are some tips that will keep you busy!&n..
19th February 2019
If you’re looking to purchase topsoil, it’s important you know the difference between screened and u..
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