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Shingle Design Inspirations
6th October 2020

Shingle Design Inspirations

Aggregates like shingle, pebbles and slate provide plenty of opportunity to get creative in your garden. The different colours, shapes, and sizes available let you create areas around your exteriors that resemble anything from beaches to mountainous outcrops or woodland pathways.

They have many functional benefits too, such as moisture retention in the soil underneath to help plants survive during periods of drought, while they do not retain water themselves which provides plenty of drainage to prevent puddles. A ground covering of an aggregate like shingle is extremely easy to apply, plus they are also durable, resistant to harsh weather conditions and require little maintenance.

For gardeners wanting to create a pleasing aesthetic in their gardens, here are some ways to design your shingle or other aggregates to complement your plants and ornamental features.


Ground Cover Combinations

Combining shingle bulk bags or a gravel product in areas with ground cover plants is a very effective design that can produce natural looking effects reminiscent of natural sights you see on nature trails. Rocky outcrops, riverside or seaside pools and ponds, and all sorts of nooks and crannies ensconced in vegetation.

Shingle areas in amongst plants is also a great way to restrict weed growth, as you can lay a membrane or landscape fabric underneath the aggregate to prevent unwanted growth. Low growing plants are recommended for this design, though they can be combined with taller ones here and there too. The low growing plants can be planted through the landscape fabric as well by cutting a suitably sized cross in the membrane and planting through it.


Coloured Aggregate Combos

Using a mix of different coloured aggregates can brighten up a garden or add a touch of style in many ways. Darker slate can produce an interesting monochrome effect, while the likes of Cotswold Buff and Scottish Beach Pebbles add a lighter appearance.

Shingle by nature tends to be multi-coloured already but combined with a single tone aggregate it can enhance and accentuate your garden design. You could also try inserting a design like a swirling pattern onto a lawn using shingle to fill in the space where you remove the grass.


Boulders and Rockeries

Adding focal points to an area covered with shingle or another aggregate is a cool design feature that really makes your garden come alive. A large rock or boulder standing like a monolith amongst the gravel can look awesome and add layers of height and depth to your garden.

Rockeries are great fun to build and to behold and a surrounding surface of gravel can enhance their effect. Blend a contrast of textures and colours for the best result.

If you want to find out more about the different aggregates like shingle and slate you can use to create amazing garden designs, then contact Springbridge via our website or call today on 0845 370 1921 for more information.