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16th June 2016

Summer is coming...............

Summer is one of the best times to enjoy the garden….with long daylight hours and plenty of warmth, possibly mixed with heavy showers. It is when the garden comes alive.

Also It is the time when many of us go away and leave it unattended.  Remember if we do have periods without water, plants, and especially, new lawns will die very rapidly.  It is important that you put measures in place to look after and care for your outdoor space.   Sprinklers on the new lawn and mulches in the flower beds. The most popular mulch is probably Bark Chips, but Aggregates such as Slate and Stone chippings can be just as effective.

Remember, if you are laying a new lawn, that in the warmer months the Turf will perish very rapidly if kept rolled up.  If you just have a few rolls it will keep longer if rolled out and watered, but NEVER water whilst it is still on the pallet (or in the bag) rolled up….otherwise it will soon turn to a very expensive, but good soil conditioner/compost! So it is important to order your turf when you and the ground is ready and lay it as fast as possible to avoid disappointment. All our Turf is cut to order daily and we aim to supply as soon as our trucks and the traffic will allow.

Before the  children begin the  long summer holidays maybe it is time to renew the Playbark under the garden swings and climbing frames. 


And  just a note of warning if you do see a few mushrooms/toadstools appearing on your lawn during periods of high humidity….don’t be alarmed… The chances are they are perfectly harmless. The spores of the fungi are air borne and will probably disappear  as fast as they appeared.  If you are worried they can quite simply be brushed away with a broom.  Otherwise you can leave them to the fairies and witches!


Most importantly …..Enjoy the fruits of your labours.