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Top Driveway Aggregates
6th November 2020

Top Driveway Aggregates

Aggregate driveways are not only a durable and long-lasting option, they also provide a pleasing aesthetic that solid driveways do not. A layering of decorative aggregate adds colour and texture to your driveway to create an appealing design that you can coordinate with your house and garden features.

Using one of the various driveway gravel or aggregate materials available through Springbridge gives you great results without costing a fortune. Decorative aggregates are a much more affordable option than paying builders to lay tarmac or paving slabs. You don’t need to hire any outside help to lay your driveway gravel as there are no expert skills required.

All you need to do is order the decorative aggregate you prefer and it will be delivered to your home where you can spread it out at your leisure.


Bonus Benefits of Aggregate Driveways

Being cost-effective as well as pleasing to the eye are obvious benefits to using a decorative aggregate to create a gravel driveway, but there are some bonus benefits as well.

Cleaning a solid driveway usually requires a power washer, but that is not only unnecessary with aggregates but even unadvisable. A simple and gentle hosing down is all that is needed to keep your aggregate driveway clean.

You also won’t need to deal with cracked slabs or missing cobbles or any inconsistencies in the tarmac. Potholes are often a problem for solid driveways, but they are not something you need to worry about when you use a decorative aggregate.

Take a look at the flexible, low maintenance and affordable aggregate options below and choose the that best suits your home.


Scottish Beach Pebbles

These Scottish pebbles are predominantly light grey with hints of pink and other hues, and are perfect for driveways and pathways. They are often used to achieve a nice beach effect on garden paths and plant borders, as well as for ornamental gardens and water features. When applied on a driveway, Scottish Beach Pebbles are strong and sturdy and reckoned to be the smoothest and roundest natural cobble found in the UK.

Scottish pebbles are available in either 20-40mm or 50-80mm  sizes.


Cotswold Buff

These elegant Cotswold Buff stones feature light, warm tones that brighten up driveways and footpaths, as well as plant borders and edges. They produce a lovely crunching sound underfoot and under the wheels of a vehicle, which will both charm your friendly visitors and help deter unwelcome intruders.



While Cotswold Buff and Scottish Pebbles are excellent decorative aggregates, classic shingle still remains a popular choice. Available in either 10mm or 20mm, shingle is the perfect low cost and low maintenance material to enliven up dull expanses such as driveways.

The shingle available through Springbridge is a mix of sharp and round gravel that has been washed and passed through screens to produce a regular 10mm or 20mm  size. It features varied colours and shapes to create a relaxing and eye-catching effect, while also producing that satisfying crunch sound under foot and wheel.


If you require any decorative aggregates for your driveway such as Scottish pebbles, Cotswold Buff or traditional shingle, then contact Springbridge via our website or call today on 0845 370 1921 for more information.