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100% Wildflower Seed Mix (500m2)

Let nature show you her true colours with this stunning mix of seeds from traditional English meadows. Over twenty types of flower are represented in each bag to give your garden a truly varied appeal, flowering in turn throughout six months of the year. Wild plants are important to our environment and to insects such as honey bees, butterflies and moths. They’re also a precious living link with the past and to the history of the British Isles.

Seed Mix:

2% Cornflower, 2% Corn Marigold, 2% Corn Cockle, 2% Corn Chamomile, 2% Field Poppy, 5% Oxeye Daisy, 7.5% Small Burnet, 5% Common Sainfoin, 5% Yarrow, 5% Yellow Rattle, 7.5% Common Vetch, 2.5% Common Knapweed, 5% Common Flax, 2.5% Common Sorrel, 5% White Campion, 5% Crimson Clover, 10% Lady’s Bedstraw, 5% Birdsfoot Trefoil, 5% Meadow Buttercup, 7.5% Self Heal, 7.5% Red Campion


Bag weighs 1Kg and covers aprroximately 500 sq.m

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