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Uses for Leftover Sand & Shingles
13th October 2020

Uses for Leftover Sand & Shingles

Some jobs using shingle or sand can leave you with a generous pile of leftovers, so we have some ideas here of what you can do with them. Obviously, one option is to ask around to see if anyone you know could use it themselves, or if not then there is certainly no need to pack it off to landfill.

Shingle Pathways and Winter Walkways

Smaller sized shingle is ideal for creating walkways, so see if there is anywhere in your garden that could do with a new path to create better access while looking good.

This can also be a good idea for existing paved pathways that can get icy and slippy during winter. Sprinkle a layer of shingles instead of the usual salt or sand as they will prevent slipping and also don’t need to be reapplied after every icy period or snowfall.

Shingle Garden Edging

Leftover shingle can be used as an attractive garden edging. Use it to cover soil that isn’t being used to grow and get creative with the design to make a garden edging that complements your home.

Raise Vegetable Beds with Shingle or Sand

Use leftover shingle or sand to raise your vegetable garden beds. This is a very good idea if your garden soil beds consist of a lot of clay as it will help with the drainage. Raising the beds can also make it easier to tend to the vegetables if you have back problems. 

Children’s Sandpit

If you have the kind of leftover sand that is suitable for a child’s play area, then you can dig out a space and use the leftover sand to create a fun sandpit for your children. The best kind of sand for this purpose is Silver Play Sand, as other sands can be too rough for playing in.

Decorative Planters

Once you have established plants in a planter, you can use leftover shingle to cover the soil around them. This not only looks attractive but can also help prevent weeds from sneaking in and stealing some of those essential nutrients.

Soil Drainage

Mixing in a little shingle or sand to certain soil can help improve its drainage properties. It will obviously depend on what kind of soil, but if it has a lot of clay and you notice the drainage is not very efficient, then use your leftover sand or shingle to create more air and space in the soil for the water to drain through.

Repairs and Top-Ups

It may also be a good idea to store your leftover shingle or sand for future repairs and top-ups. Projects using such products by their nature can require a little top-up or maintenance every now and then, so having some leftovers stored safely in a shed or garage can save you needing to get more further down the line.


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