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What is TGA quality turf?
28th July 2020

What is TGA quality turf?

Springbridge only grow and supply TGA quality turf, using a premium seed mix containing carefully selected seeds that produce low maintenance and disease resistant turf.

TGA stands for the Turfgrass Growers Association, which is the only professional organisation in the UK and Ireland completely dedicated to ensuring there is a high standard of turf production.
Here is some more information about the TGA and the quality turf available through Springbridge
The TGA was originally formed in 1995 and established the first TGA quality standards in 1996. Today the TGA consists of around 50 companies and affiliates who are collectively responsible for producing close to 70% of the cultivated turf grown in Ireland and Britain. They also lend their expertise to others by supplying specialist knowledge and infrastructure to the turf production industry.
The Turfgrass Growers Association is also involved in discussions with the government and water companies regarding the impact of water restrictions on the turf industry. They were also on the steering group of the ‘Greening the Games’ committee that made sure the landscaping aspects of the Olympic Games in 2012 were properly recognised by organisers and contractors.
Ultimately, the TGA exists to raise the standard of cultivated turf supplied to both professional and domestic customers. They constantly try to improve the standards of TGA member companies by sharing their expertise and discussing new ideas.
Companies wishing to become members of the TGA must be able to maintain these standards at a consistently high level. Every single membership applicant must undergo an inspection of their premises and operations during a personal visit from a representative of the TGA’s governing council.
Then cultivated turf grown and supplied by Springbridge is TGA approved which means it meets all the quality standards required. It is perfect for landscape architects and head gardeners who demand a perfect, first-time result. It is also a great option for homeowners who want to establish a lush lawn or green area in their gardens.
The cultivated turf rolls are easy to lay, and the special seed mix used to grow the turf produces hardwearing and long lasting grass. The seed mix includes Perennial Ryegrass, Slender Creeping Red Fescue, Strong Creeping Red Fescue and Chewings Fescue, and they have been planted into a very nutritious soil type to looks and feels great for a long time.
The rolls of cultivated turf measure approximately 61cm x 164cm, which is about 1 metre squared. The turf is delivered fresh daily and it is recommended that it is laid within 8 hours of delivery to achieve the best results.

Turfgrass Growers Association

TGA Approved Cultivated Turf

If you want to buy TGA approved turf, then contact expert turf and topsoil suppliers Springbridge Direct via our website or call today on 0845 370 1921 for more information.