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What to do to a garden in July?
15th July 2020

What to do to a garden in July?

We will all be enjoying the height of summer come July, but that doesn’t mean all the gardening work is complete. In fact, there are a still a lot of jobs to do in order to maintain your garden’s beauty. Here’s what you can be doing in the garden during July.

Lawn Care During July

The hot weather in July means you should be watering your lawn regularly. It is especially important to water a newly seeded or recently turfed lawn. New lawns are particularly at risk from drying out so if you do nothing else this July, get the watering can out and get sprinkling!
If the hot weather lasts an extended period of time, then a good tip to reduce the stress on your grass is to set the mower blades a bit higher when you cut it.
It is a good time to re-cut any lawn edges that are overgrowing, plus be sure to watch out for weed growth spurts as well, as warm weather encourages them. There are lawn weed killer products or you can do it the old fashioned way with your hands and a trowel.
July is also a good time to feed your lawn with a turf fertiliser to help maintain its lush greenness throughout the rest of the summer and autumn. In fact, it may be one of the last opportunities to fertilise your lawn and get the absolute maximum benefit from the extra nutrients.

Flower Garden Tasks in July

There’s plenty to do around the garden in July if you grow lots of flowers, such as continuing to tie and train new growth on any climbing plants. You’ll want to cut back faded perennial plants, as well as the likes of penstemon flowers (beardtongues), hardy geraniums and delphiniums after the first bloom of flowers as this will encourage new flowers to bloom.
Any hanging baskets will likely need a bit of attention in July too. Cut them back to encourage new flowers and foliage, and make sure to feed the baskets with a good fertiliser or nutrient-rich compost afterwards.
Some general pruning is a good idea as well, especially on plants such as lupins and deciduous magnolia. Wisteria should have some of its side-shoots removed from the main branch framework.

Vegetable Patch Jobs for July

Get rid of emerging weeds regularly and as quickly as possible as they compete with your veggies for both water and nutrients. Also try and clear out any diseased vegetation and all the spent foliage around your vegetables to keep them as healthy as possible.
If you have laid new topsoil down, then check that it has settled well and doesn’t need any topping up. If it does, then topsoil mini bulk bags are an option, or even just some nutrient-rich compost will do the trick for smaller jobs.
If you want to buy topsoil bulk bags, then contact expert turf and topsoil suppliers Springbridge Direct via our website or call today on 0845 370 1921 for more information.